CASP’s domestic and international strategies are achieved through innovative program activities and volunteering with communities and organizations. CASP is committed to working directly with urban and rural communities to provide services to those most in need. All program activities are lead by CASP’s Board Members and Volunteers.


Reproductive Health/Family Planning

● CASP provides education and resources about reproductive health as a way of promoting the empowerment of women & men, improving gender relations, and ensuring that women/men have equal educational and professional opportunities. These are provided one-on-one, during workshops at community-based organizations, schools, and at health fairs where CASP volunteers participate.

● CASP partners with community-based organizations to provide comprehensive services focused on teenagers, nursing mothers, women and men. We provide reliable and up-to-date sexual and reproductive health education on family planning. This is accomplished through CASP volunteers conducting research, developing brochures, flyers, other training material development, and conducting literature reviews for organizations.

● CASP’s volunteers promote collaboration or partnerships between local institutions (health centers, health educators, and individuals through capacity building workshops, facilitating meetings and helping to establish community collaborations.

Community Out-Reach Programs

● CASP’ Board and volunteers collaborate with health institutions both, local and international to develop teams of health professionals to organize community-based health fair programs in various selected project communities.

● Volunteer nurses, physicians, and dentist offer free health care services. The health fairs target diseases that are most common in the community such as hypertension, diabetes, (cholera and malaria in Ghana) HIV/AIDS/STIs, etc. There are also child immunization education programs, and counseling for nursing mothers, and parenting classes. Health Education is carried out in the community as well as in private and public schools to educate students.


Academic Enrichment/Tutoring Low educational attainment is a problem globally and studies show a direct link between low education and poor health outcomes. The CASP volunteers outreach to primarily middle & high school girls in order to close the education gap. The overall aim of the CASP’s education program is to enroll students to a school of their choice, and give them the necessary support to complete high school.

● Volunteers for CASP’s literacy program tutor youth and adults to improve reading and comprehension, test preparation, and college/career readiness.

● Volunteers assist youth with college and employment applications. Volunteers work in local public and private schools, community based organizations, and one-on-one when services are requested.

● Volunteers also collect and donate books and clothing to various communities.


Internships & Trainings

CASP strives to promote the socio- economic and social empowerment of teenagers, single mothers, young fathers, and school dropouts in order to help them attain a better life and dignity, regardless of their academic background. This intervention is aimed at impacting skills and knowledge to enable the beneficiaries to gain financial independence and self-reliance.

▪ CASP will provide skills training about income generating activities such as barbering, mechanics, jewelry making, tailoring, childcare, security, maintenance, masonry, carpentry, batik-tie-die, bead making, computer technology, etc.

In  2014, CASP will launch a community center in Ghana through which full service provision of CASP’s major project areas (health & education) will be open for the community. This is the first community center of this kind in the Volta Region.