About Ilikeitfit

"I LIKE IT FIT" is a complete training program which we’ve created that focuses on the overall fitness & well being for your entire body, mind and spirit! Our goal as trainers in this program is to concentrate on a method which we call periodization. We have created a standardized system which allows each period of training to become more effective by constantly and consistently building upon the previous session. This is commonly known as "Progressive Programing". By operating in this manner, your training will provide more noticible results while eliminating the possibility of getting into a mundane routine.

Our motivated and highly qualified Trainers personally design your workout sessions the right way... specifically catering to your individual body type and personal fitness goals. In each workout, we incorporate movements that focus on toning your entire body and include exercises that target building a strong and healthy core. "I LIKE IT FIT" is not your average gym, nor do we offer "quick fix" programs. We are here to ensure that you make steady progress each and every week. It is our aim to ultimately give you the tools that you need to reach your goals and ensure total success.