Bumpcasso’s hands are his gift and he is certainly using them. Recognizing that, Bumpcasso has been perfecting his artistic creativity since the tender age of three.  Born in Gary, Indiana, in 1956, his first drawing was penned on construction paper and was entitled “Draw Like Me, Paint Like Me”.

Fast forward 26 years, Bumpcasso has parlayed that artistic genius into a vast array of paintings that showcase his technical mastery of diverse mediums.  He creates on canvas, utilizing oils, watercolors, clay and wood.  Bumpcasso’s experience and persistence as an artist have lead to commissioned works for wall murals, portraits, and abstracts.  Some of his personal achievements are the exclusive Signature Collections of Michael Jordan, and Boston Celtics Larry Bird, two men as diverse in the own artistic fields as Bumpcasso himself.

Bumpcasso is humbled that his work is appreciated by first-time enthusiastic and growing audiences, as well as art connoisseurs nationally and internationally.  When asked how he approaches his work his response:” With an unending source of inspiration that comes from a higher force.”  His life experiences also contribute to his creations.  “Art is something you feel from within, then it transforms you into making it come alive.  From that moment on, the work takes on a form of its own leading me to create wonders.”